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Do It Right The First Time

Do It Right The First Time Developing an MS Access Database takes time. It involves a lot of brainstorming & mapping, creative thinking, and logic. Taking time to collect your ideas before you begin to create a database will only help you in the long run.   Do it right the […]

Create Fictional Characters

Create Fictional Characters your Readers will LOVE! Envision a Character from depths of your imagination… then write about them!   The creator of is an inspiring Fictional Writer and in the midst of writing a first novel. Collecting information and absorbing in loads of information, has been a tremendous help in […]

Getting Organized

Getting Organized Can be Time Consuming & Challenging   Having to collect and compile documents, spend painstaking hours a day sorting through paperwork, organizing them, recording them or just filing them away…. when all you long for, as you gaze out the window is the outdoors.   The snow has finally melted leaving brown sluggish […]

Track Home Entertainment Items

Home Entertainment Database    Track Home Entertainment Items in this easy-to-use MS Access database. Record, sort, and organize all your Home Entertainment items and then retrieve your data instantly with a push of a button! ** Over the years a household will collect a large amount of Home Entertainment Items. It is either obtained from personal purchase or received […]

Learn the Process of Writing

Learn the Process of Writing  Have you always wanted to write a novel but really don’t know where or how to start?  Maybe you have started writing a Novel but don’t know how to finish it? Do wish you could Learn the Process of Writing a novel of your dreams? Maybe you […]