52 Websites that Pay for Flash Fiction

52 Websites that Pay for Flash Fiction

Make Money with Flash Fiction If you love to write Flash Fiction then why not try to make some money from your stories?   Below is a list of Websites that you can submit your Flash Fiction to.   # Company Website Max Word Count Payment 1  200 CC’s […]

Spring Cleaning - Get Organized

Spring Cleaning-Get Organized

It’s Spring and you know what that means? It’s that time again for spring cleaning! Cleaning is not really exciting or for that matter, it’s not really fun. It is however a mood changer that can affect you and your family, in a positive way, once the work is done. […]

Home Business

Home Business

How to Make the Most of Your Home Business To some, working from home sounds liberating and free. The up-side to a Home Business is that you have your own clock to work with, you can work in the privacy of your own home, you don’t have your boss physically breathing […]

What is an MS Access Database

What can MS Access Databases possibly do for you at Home, as a Writer, or for Business Purposes?   MS Access takes excel a step further and can simplify your life by collecting all types of information and displaying results in forms and reports for easy review, analysis, and references. Anyone […]

Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life now! Can’t find the measuring tape, the hammer, a band-aid, the remote control, or the insurance bill?  Wouldn’t life be more stress-free to search for an item if you can find it immediately? Being disorganized can cause undue stress upon yourself and others. It can cause wasted […]