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(DCS) Provides Affordable MS Access Templates for Businesses


 Off-The-Shelf Databases:

  • Lessons Learned Database
  • Quotations Database 
  • Shipping Requisition Database
  • Open Issues Database


All Database Templates include printable forms, reports, and a navigation tab to help guide you through the database.


Lessons Learned Database Overview:

  • Record all mistakes made
  • Identify why they occurred
  • Provide corrective action plan(s) to ensure the mistake won’t occur again
  • Report out your collection of information to analyze
  • Share problems with your team and troubleshoot for answers
  • View and Print Graphs that filter specific details… is a problem re-occuring and if so what actions were taken…why did the actions not resolve the issue…what more can be done to fix the problem
  • Share your lessons learned with your team members and share with your customers … being on top of issues and actions taken are impressive and will provide a re-assuring feeling that your business takes issues seriously and is willing to share for learning purposes and to ensure issues like these don’t happen again

9. Lessons Learned Database_v.01

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Quotation Database Overview:

  • Add new quotes details
  • Track timeliness
  • Record New Business Awards, Lost Business, etc with comments
  • Compare new quote opportunities to similar quotes from History to determine competitive angle
  • Compare new quotes to prior awardments… did you make or loose money? If you lost money, should your next round be a little higher or did you implement lessons learned that could help improve cost advantages for future business opportunities? Record all of this and more into this Database.
  • Run reports – Quotes Due, Quotes pending customer feedback, Lost Business, Awarded Business***

10. Quotation Database_v.01

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Shipping Requisition Overview:

  • Add new shipment requests to a form
  • Track when it was requested to ship, when it shipped, when it was expected to be delivered and when it actually was delivered
  • Input the value of the shipment and all the details related to the goods shipped ( Qty, description, # of boxes, size and type of box, Country of Origin, Customs Code)
  • Identify who will pay for the shipment. If prepaid and collect… keep track of when it was charged back. This allows you never to forget to get reimbursed for the freight charges.**

Shipment Request Switchboard

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