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Track Home Entertainment Items

Home Entertainment Database    Track Home Entertainment Items in this easy-to-use MS Access database. Record, sort, and organize all your Home Entertainment items and then retrieve your data instantly with a push of a button! ** Over the years a household will collect a large amount of Home Entertainment Items. It is either obtained from personal purchase or received […]

Learn the Process of Writing

Learn the Process of Writing  Have you always wanted to write a novel but really don’t know where or how to start?  Maybe you have started writing a Novel but don’t know how to finish it? Do wish you could Learn the Process of Writing a novel of your dreams? Maybe you […]

Garbage In Garbage Out

GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT As with any record keeping, it’s important to ensure the data you enter is accurate in order to retrieve desirable results…. well, all results may not be desirable, but the results will be accurate. Avoid garbage in garbage out if you want reliable results. On the opposite end, if your […]

Mistakes Happen

Mistakes Happen  It’s life…mistakes happen whether we like it or not. They are generally something we cringe at, tend to finger point or lie about it, and even try to discretely brush the issue under the rug…so to speak.   “The only real mistake is the one from which we […]