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(DCS) Provides Affordable MS Access Database Templates for your Personal Use

Off-the-Shelf Templates:

  • Home Entertainment Database 
  • Home Income & Expense Database 
  • Recipe Database 
  • Home Inventory Database 
  • Collections Database 
  • Journals Database 
  • Tasks Database


All Database Template includes attractive forms to enter information in, printable forms & reports, and a navigation tab with tips and guidance to help you easily manager your way through the database.



  • Record all your games and game systems.
  • List your DVD’s, CD’s, Vynyl Records, VHS’s
  • Identify Types, Seasonal, Owner, Main Artist, Cast/ Band
  • Make note of your personal rating on it
  • Did you lend it out? Record who has it and when they borrowed it
  • Did you Donate it? Record it down as to who you donated it to and when

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  • Keep track of you personal finances
  • Know where your hard earnings are going at all times
  • Compare your finances and your spending trends month-to-month, year-to-year 
  • This database template is loaded with various filtered reports for you to view your income and expenses at all angles

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  • Record recipes, ingredients, type of cooking method, number of servings and more.
  • Categorize them:  Appetizer, Beverage, Dessert, One-Dish Meal, Pasta, Soups, Seafood, Slow Cooker ….
  • Identify the Cuisine: African, Asian, Belizean, Indian, Italian, Mexican….
  • Choose a Course: Breakfast, Lunch, Side Dish, Snacks….
  • Insert pictures of the item
  • Flag it as a Favorite!!
  • Add personal notes & Lessons Learned (like things to do or not to do in the future)
  • Who did you serve the dish to? Make a list of who you served the dish to and any comments about it.
  • Do you want to make the recipe but don’t have an ingredience ? This database will allow you to make a quick shopping list of items you need and when you need them

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  • Record ALL your possessions into this one Database to keep track of your items.
  • Provide a brief description, it’s condition, date acquired (if known), Quantity, Purchased Cost, Value, Size, Weight, Make, and so much more.
  • Is it under Warranty? Enter all the details for easy reference should you need to contact service.
  • Make a note of it’s location and whether it was lent out and when.
  • Did you Will it to someone, record it here too (if you want)

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  • Keep Track of Meaningful things in your life in a Database.
  • Some of the many ways to use this Database:
  • Write a Letter then download it into Microsoft Word to email or print and snail mail.
  • Write a private letter to someone who has passed.
  • Record a memory, a confession, creative idea, gratitude, personal development, an achievement…
  • Keep track of your physical and mental health (how you feel each day, your weight, your emotional state, etc.)
  • Write down questions, a plan, things you want to read or have read and learned, a bucket list…

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  • Categorize your tasks
  • Keep track of due dates
  • Monitor Status
  • Assign Responsibility
  • Analyze Timeliness
  • Review priority report(s) to help you keep focused on top priority items

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