Spring Cleaning-Get Organized

Spring Cleaning - Get Organized

It’s Spring and you know what that means? It’s that time again for spring cleaning!

Cleaning is not really exciting or for that matter, it’s not really fun. It is however a mood changer that can affect you and your family, in a positive way, once the work is done.


How? Well, think about removing cluttered areas in the home? You know, those cluttered areas you see daily but try to avoid looking at.


Think about the stuffed closets and drawers that you struggle opening or putting more things in because there is just no more room. Think about those items you are stepping over, around, moving out of the way over and over again, and not using. Are you tired of hanging onto things for ‘just in case you might need it?’. It really can damper your mood (indirectly)  in small or big ways and it can effect you and your family on-and-on every day without realizing it’s negative impact on each others moods.


Have you ever cleaned a room, drawer, cupboard, fridge and afterwards feel revitalized each time you open them up?  Cleaning and organizing can have a positive effect on your mood and others that live within this atmosphere.


So, why not take action and stop procrastinating!


Give everyone a task.


Many hands make small work.


Here are some suggestions to help you organize your space to help you avoid stress, loss of time searching for stuff, improve the harmony of the atmosphere you encompass:

  • Turn up the tunes and spend an hours or two and tackle the basement, laundry room, kitchen, shed, garage, or bedroom. If the task seems too daunting and too big, then start small. Open a cluttered drawer, closet, cupboard, or the fridge/ freezer, and purge items that haven’t been used in a year or two. If you needed it, you would have used it by now
  • Open the windows while you work – if weather permits…fresh air is revitalizing and can inspire you further
  • Write your to-do tasks down, make a schedule with a timeline, to help you stay focused
  • Back up your computer- save your files on a portable hard drive, or USB, then remove and organize your computer files 
  • Everything has a home- don’t walk from one room to another empty handed…there is always something that doesn’t belong in that room, take it and put it where it belongs
  • While you are at it, make sure the batteries have been changed in the smoke detector (if not done already)
  • Donate or sell in those items you don’t need anymore
  • Use drawer organizers to keep various loose items secured in designated areas
  • Check expiry dates on medicines, first aid kits, and food on the shelf and in the fridge/freezer – get rid of those items that are expired
  • Switch or segregate summer and winter clothes, via boxing up items in clearly marked boxes, or put in spare room closet/ dresser
  • Consider Feng Shui- it is known to allow energy to flow freely through your home and office
  • Clear the junk / clutter from each space (drawer, closet, and/or entire room)
  • Mend/Fix or Toss broken items, squeaks, stained items, dying plants, burnt out bulbs
  • Clean walls, windows, get rid of dust bunnies, wipe down baseboards, fireplace, tables, anything with a surface
  • Paint / Stain – freshen walls, baseboards, backyard deck
  • Move furniture around – placing a couch, table, chairs, bed, in another location in the room which can help the energy flow of the room .. small changes can change / freshen the atmosphere to your home and work place 


Happy Spring Cleaning !


How about you? Do you look forward to Spring Cleaning? Do you have some suggestions or recommendations to share ?


Written by Deborah @ (DCS) DatabaseCreationSite.com where Creative People Make Awesome Databases for Personal Use, Businesses, and for Writers.


photo credit: Tom Simpson Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs concept art via photopin (license)

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